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Express Yourself

I believe we all have our own platform. Using it is up to us; it is our choice. We all have our own values, thoughts, and beliefs; and it is these that define us as individual and special. We each decide to express ourselves or keep our thoughts inside. This is an individual choice and a civil right. How fortunate I feel to have this choice and this civil right! 

I choose expression because that’s who I am. I was raised in a “you gotta speak up” kind of family; a “if you need help, you gotta ask for it" kind of family; and, a “you are important and I care what you say and do” kind of family. That’s how I was raised and that’s what I know and value. The freedom of expression is like yellow, shiny gold; it’s like running through an ice cold sprinkler on a hot day; and, it’s like kicking fallen autumn leaves as the wind whisks them up all around me, as if they were confetti on New Year’s Eve. It’s like finishing my first marathon and already looking forward to the next. It’s like a long lost friend reaching out to me to say how much my friendship means to them…….it’s all the good in your life and if you look and listen, you see and hear so much goodness. And today, in our world, let’s share it! Let’s skip through the streets, and when we can finally hug our neighbors, let’s hug our neighbors; for, good is too good to keep quiet.

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