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Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Writing this first blog, to me, is like choosing a wedding dress, or selecting a first house, or making my first holiday family dinner. I want to get it just right! But then again, what is “just right”?  So after a few drafts, I’ve decided to treat this blog as Pip would do. She would dive in and just write it. After all, what is all the fuss? There is no fuss. So here we are.

I’ve actually wanted to be here for about 6 years. Yes, 6 years ago, I sat at my desk in my Speech-Language Pathologist office, in an inner-city school, during my planning time, and instead of planning for my amazing students, I couldn’t get my mind off of my own (youngest) amazing daughter and her Parent Teacher Conference that I had attended the evening before. The teacher left me with many thoughts swirling in my head, as they often do, and “I Have a Song” was created.

I wrote it as a way to celebrate the spirit of my Francesca, (or any young person).  A spirit that explodes with passion, excitement, humor, kindness, creativity, and the drive to become the best she can be, and for which I wished to see appreciated and valued.

With tears in my eyes, after I wrote the first draft, right there in my office with only 5 minutes left in my planning period, I decided that this little Pip, as the teacher referred to her during the conference, would not be contained, but rather would continue to be free, fun, and celebrated in her own picture book, “I Have a Song.”

Not knowing anything about writing a children’s picture book, but having a clear vision for Pip, I knew I needed just the right illustrator to bring Pip to life. After investigating and researching for years, I finally met Mr. Christopher Gray in January 2018. With fire in our hearts and determination in our souls, we continue to humbly work together toward publication.

“I Have a Song” will be available for pre-order this summer! Click on Contact in the main menu and complete the form. You’ll receive an email with a link to Amazon for pre-ordering. Additionally, by subscribing and completing the contact form, you will be the first to know about the official release date, new blog posts, and other news flashes/events related to Pip and Kathy Foster Books…including an invitation to the release party! 

As we move forward, my intention for this blog is two-fold. First, I invite you to accompany me on this book publication journey and other Pip books that follow.  And second, I also intend to focus on the little things. Have you ever paused to really notice small everyday happenings? I have noticed over the years, for me, it’s usually these wee discoveries that fill me with gratitude, surprise me, inspire me, and most of all, bring me JOY!

I’m going to start talking about these tidbits because I believe they can lift us up in big ways! Please join the chat with me!

With Joy, Kathy

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