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Kathy Foster celebrates the joy children bring to the world by introducing you to Pip! Come join the celebration!
Kathy remembers as a kid being asked countless times, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The true answer she said only to herself was, “I never want to grow up!” However, over the years, Kathy’s inevitably grown up and had a lot of fun doing so. Her journey has led her to discover that a unique human spirit lives in each of us, one that should be loved, appreciated, accepted, and shared. She’s sharing her joy for the human spirit with you, through Pip!
Pip starts her day with a song tapping in her toes and ends her day with a song sweetly playing in her head. I Have a Song is a high energy, day-long, joy-filled journey, that repeatedly asks readers if they can hear the quirky phrases that accompany goofy actions, that spread up throughout Pip’s body and always seem to get her into a tad of (harmless) trouble. Whether you read it, sing it, or dance to it, I Have a Song will make your love for life ring out through your own body, as it does in Pip’s! Pip’s family and friends embrace her contagious, sassy and spicy spirit…you will too!

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Kathy Foster

Kathy Foster grew up in Lisbon, New York, a small hamlet outside the city of Ogdensburg, which sits on the banks of the beautiful St. Lawrence River. If you know “The River” or another blissful body of water, you can imagine how such a sight could be a source of inspiration; however, it’s not part of Kathy’s interest in writing at all. If fact, she didn’t even have “to be an author” on her “What I Want to do When I Grow Up” list! Furthermore, remaining near the tranquil sight and sound of The River or any river for that matter, was not even close to where Kathy pictured herself. Quite the contrary! She couldn’t wait to leave the area and go someplace louder, busier, fussier…and she did!
Kathy Foster began her professional career as a Speech-Language Pathologist in the inner city of Rochester, New York. She then ventured over “to the other side” in School Administration. Foster unleashed her creative vision, writing her debut children’s picture book, I Have a Song, as an outlet, celebrating disorderly and confusing battles in her brain while raising two loving, independently-minded, energetic children in a world that doesn’t always invite kids to just be kids. I Have a Song is the first in a series of Pip books.
Kathy lives in Penfield, near Rochester, New York, with her husband, Michael, and two daughters, Genevieve and Francesca, and their dog, Ruby. Kathy, an avid runner and group fitness instructor, also calls herself an exercise enthusiast. Now that Kathy’s had the chance to visit and live in places that are louder, busier, and fussier, she holds her roots very dear and loves traveling back up to a quieter, slower, and more peaceful place, Lisbon. A place that Kathy now treasures and holds as her inspiration for everything she’s become and has still yet to become!

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Christopher Grey

Christopher Gray is a full-time illustrator, painter, muralist, and graphic designer. He strives to fuse his own genuine, organic style with clean and intentional design. His ability to spend every day bringing his client’s ideas to life, through a medium he is passionate about, is nothing short of a blessing.
Christopher and Kathy enjoy collaborating on unique and fun ideas, creating a world that emanates Pip’s loving and energetic disposition. He is optimistic for Pip’s many adventures to come!

To further explore how Christopher’s individual style has aided in the development of Pip’s character, see his other client led collaborations at

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24 Spring Side Lane, Penfield, NY 14526


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